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Latest News, February 2018

In January/Ferbruary 2018 we made a trip to Gambia. We are still sorting out the pictures, but a Gambian Harrier Hawk can already be seen below. A full report is in preparation.

Furthermore, some 360 panoramas of Marakissa River Camp, where we stayed for a couple of days, can be seen here, here and here.

Peter and Renée

What's the plan?

Later in 2018 we are planning to make a boat trip to British Columbia, but most of the year we will stay relatively close to home. We do expect to make small trips to the Dutch "Wadden" islands.

We still need to add some pics from a trip to Spain in January 2014 - mostly Griffon vultures.

Trip to the Cape Verde islands


Bloembollen 1

Bloembollen 2