Peter and Renée Overbosch

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Latest News, July 2017

In January 2017 we made a trip to Chile and the Falkland islands. It took a while, but both parts now have their own page on the "Photo Gallery".

Below, a view of our house from a small bridge, 900 meters down the canal. The use of a tele lens (100-400mm zoom @ around 200mm) has compressed the picture significantly, but sharpness from front to back is preserved by focus stacking (9 pics stacked) in Helicon Focus.

Peter and Renée

What's the plan?

The remainder of 2017 we will stay relatively close to home. We do expect to make small trips to the Dutch "Wadden" islands.

We still need to add some pics from a trip to Spain in January 2014 - mostly Griffon vultures.

Trip to the Cape Verde islands